Thursday, September 25, 2008



We all always talk about John L. Holland for the great psychology assessment expertise who produce the Vocational Preference Inventory (VPI) and Self-Directed Search(SDS) who include in our course syllabus. But, currently, I met the Malaysian psychology assessment expertise, Dr. Sidek Mohd Noah from Putra University of Malaysia.

He introduce the Color Personality Inventory (CPI). I was there when he held his talked about that assessment in Science Islamic University Malaysia in Nilai. I also do the assessment under his guidance with other 300 participants. This assessment is very good and make me feel very interesting in exploring more on the career, personality assessments for become effective tools to measure people interest and personality for career decision and development.

The CPI is an assessment which evaluate a person depending on almost 100 short questions to be answered spontaneously by that person in short time. The answers are provided in “YES” and “NO” depending on what the person think s/he was. Then, the total of the “YES” answers are calculated according to the rows provided that identify by colors: GOLD, BLUE, GREEN, and ORANGE. Examples answers as above.

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